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Legal Representation for Divorce Cases for Men

We’ve all heard the stories or seen the movies where the ex-spouse gets everything, and the man is usually left with little to nothing. Whitham Law Group is working to break that stereotype. We provide legal representation to men when they need it most.

Things to Consider When Divorcing

Splitting up with your spouse is more than just divorce. There are other things to consider, such as child support, parental rights, and property division.

Father’s Rights

During a divorce, custody battles can be a difficult and trying time for the children and parents. In most cases, the father does not get a better deal when it comes to parental rights and child custody battles after a divorce. With Whitham Law Group backing you, we will fight for your right to be a father to your children.

Child Support

His or her parents are supporting one of the most important developments in a child’s growth. Family issues happen and in many cases, lead to parents splitting up. The parent with custody of the child has the right to file a claim for child support.

Parents who receive child support should understand that child support is not a benefit or award to the parent but is only intended for the child. Child Support payments will terminate when the child has reached emancipation age, which is 19 years old in Colorado.

Property Division

During a divorce, complex issues arise, such as who owns what. From determining who gets the keys to the car and house to how to split up the bank and retirement accounts. With the help of Whitham Law Group, we will assess your case and determine if the assets are community or separate property.

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If you’re in need of a divorce attorney for men, our Colorado divorce attorney will fight for fathers rights, child custody, and property division.


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