Juvenile Defense Attorney in Grand Junction, CO

Juvenile Defense Attorney

Is your child being investigated or has been arrested in connection with a crime in Grand Junction or Mesa County? Whitham Law Group want to represent you and your child in your case. With juvenile cases, there are special rules and procedures to follow compared to adult cases. Juveniles can also be treated as adults. There is also the chance that your child may be removed from their home.

Types of Juvenile Defense Cases

At Whitham Law Group, we will take the time necessary to get to know you and your child.  No juvenile case is the same, and you will be treated with the same respect.  Whitham Law Group personally handles each case. Our goal is to defend you in a timely manner and with respect.

Some Juvenile Cases Involve:

  • Violence
  • Sexual
  • Laundering
  • Murder
  • Drug-Related Crimes

Need Legal Help Concerning Juvenile Defense? Contact Us.

If a juvenile has been accused or charged with a crime, speak with our attorney to begin building your defense. Whether you committed the alleged crime or were accused falsely, our Colorado criminal attorney will fight for your rights.


Defense attorney for juvenile cases in grand junction co