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Legal Representation for Probation Violations

Violating a probation is very serious and must be handled with caution. Violating any terms of the agreement may result in other penalties such as reinstated probation longer or even jail time.

Probation Violation Attorney

At Whitham Law Group, we will take the time evaluate each case thoroughly.  No probation violation is the same, and you will not be treated with respect. Each case handled will need to be accessed. The Whitham Law Group will be there for you.

Whitham Law Group practice involves the Defense of all Probation Violations such as:

  • Not reporting a probation officer as directed
  • Not present for a court appearance
  • Failure to pay court-ordered restitution or fines
  • Failure to not avoid certain places or people as ordered
  • Using, possessing or selling illegal drugs
  • Committing another crime on probation
  • Failure to report to a mandated rehabilitation program

Need Legal Help Concerning Your Probation? Contact Us.

If you’ve been accused or charged with a probation violation, speak with our attorney to begin building your defense. Whether you committed the alleged crime or were accused falsely, our Colorado criminal attorney will fight for your rights.


Defense attorney for probation violations in grand junction co