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Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Have you been accused of committing one or more sexual assaults? Individuals are accused of committing sexual assault every day, it is important to know if you are being wrongfully accused or not. It is also important to have strong representation defending you to do everything they can to prove your side of the story. Being accused of sexual assault, even if not found guilty, can leave unsettling consequences in your day-to-day life.

Defense Against Sexual Assault Charges

To know if you need a defense attorney for a sexual assault charge, you first need to know the definition of “sexual assault.” A sexual assault is defined as engaging in sexual activity with a person when they have not provided consent to do so.

In some cases, individuals are falsely accused of this crime. Some possible defenses against sexual assault charges include:

  • Accuser is found to be seeking revenge
  • Accuser is known to have lied about sexual assaults previously
  • Accuser has been coerced or influenced to harm you
  • Accuser is found to be lying about the consensual sexual activity

Accused of a sexual assault? Contact us to get defense.

If you’ve been accused or charged with sexual assault, speak with our attorney to begin building your defense. Whether you committed the alleged crime or were accused falsely, our Colorado criminal attorney will fight for your rights.


Defense attorney for sexual assaults in grand junction co