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Restraining Order Guidance

Whitham Law Group is here to defend you in a restraining order or help you with a permanent restraining order. We’ll give you some tips and guidance on how to improve your case in the court of law.

What most people don’t understand about a restraining order is how much of your case is against you especially if you make any mistake. Restraining orders mean, under no circumstance are you allowed to contact the person who has filed the restraining order against you. Whether that is direct contact, meaning that you have contact with the person on the street, no letters, calls, emails, text messages, or even flowers. Do not try to reconcile as many have gone to jail for doing those exact things.

Indirect contact means that you can’t call her friends or family to try and reach her. This is how other people have gone to jail. There can be no contact whatsoever. If you want to have a chance at winning your restraining order case, you must not jeopardize yourself.

Legal Representation for Restraining Order Case

It is important to have legal representation that understands all aspects of restraining orders so that we can better protect you. Do not make the mistake of speaking to the police about restraining orders, it is best to talk with an attorney first. If you need help with your case, Whitham Law Group will take special care to defend you in these kinds of cases.

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If you’ve been accused or ordered a restraining order, speak with our attorney to begin building your defense. Whether you committed the alleged crime or were accused falsely, our Colorado criminal attorney will fight for your rights.


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