Legal Separation Attorney for Men in Grand Junction, CO

What is Legal Separation?

Legal separation is the agreement between two married individuals to live apart before getting a divorce. In many cases, couples are deciding to remain separated, rather than divorcing. 

Divorce vs. Legal Separation

Divorce and legal separation have many similarities. Both involve a couple creating space between each other by living separately. Another similarity between the two are decrees by the court for child support, custody, assets, and spousal support are made. In summary, both create a division with custody and financial rules.

The critical difference between a divorce and a separation is when divorced are you no longer married, single, and free to remarry. When in a separation you are still legally married and must continue to fill out forms as such.

Needed During a Separation:

  1. Determine Child Custody & Support Agreement
    An agreement must be made between visitations and financial support for the care of your children.
  2. Determine Spousal Support Agreement
    Upon separation, your spouse may be eligible to receive spousal support.
  3. Determine Division of Property & Assets
    It is important to understand how things such as cars, house, assets, and bank accounts will be separated.
  4. All of Your Financial Information Available
    Things like bank statements, loan agreements, and credit reports will be needed.

Need Help With a Legal Separation? Contact Us.

Going through a separate or divorce is never easy for both parties. Division of assets must be made, custody rights must be decided if you have children, and financial arrangements are put into question. If you need help filing for a separation or a divorce, Whitham Law Group can help with your legal questions and process.


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