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At Whitham Law Group, we provide the legal counsel and personal service parents look for when it comes to adoption cases in Colorado. We will help make sure you have the correct paperwork, compliances, and make sure that all rules are met.

Types of Adoption

Adoption is a way for families to unite in a loving and nurturing home legally. Many parents going into the adoption process may find that it is a long and complex process, that is why it is important to have a family law adoption attorney to guide you through every step of the process.

Private Adoption

Private adoption is when you are considering adopting a child through an independent or mother who is willing to place her child for adoption. Also called independent adoption, we assist in parental rights and legally finalize the adoption.

Adoption Agencies

Prospective parents can apply with the state or an agency to help find a child to adopt or foster. Adoption agencies can help young moms or women with unplanned pregnancies find adoptive families.

Colorado Adoption Laws

In Colorado, it is legal for both children and adults to be adopted. For children, the law states that any child under 18 years of age may be adopted. Adults can be adopted between the ages of 18-21 upon court approval. Additionally, in special cases, an adult can be adopted to be a person’s heir.

Who Can Adopt?

Single Individuals:
In order to adopt, the prospective parent must be 21 years or older. Only by court approval can a child or adult adopt if they are under the age of 21.

Couples / Married Persons:
Married couples or persons in a civil union must petition for adoption with their spouse/partner. Process for couples may differ if a spouse is the natural parent of the child, a spouse or couple has adopted the child previously, or the party is legally separated.

Same-Sex Adoptions:
In the state of Colorado, there is no prohibition against same-sex adoptions.

Types of Adoption Cases

There are multiple types of adoption cases, here are most common:

  • The representation of adoptive parents, foster parents, step-parents, relatives, and third-party caregivers.
  • Interstate and intrastate adoptions.
  • Same-sex parent adoptions.
  • International adoptions.
  • Contested adoptions requiring termination of parental rights.

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