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Filing for Child Custody or Parental Responsibilities can be on of the most sensitive things you do, mainly because it involves the well-being of your children. After an allocation of parental responsibility is filed, a court will determine physical vs. legal custody. This involves determining who the children will live with, who will be the main decision maker concerning the children, time allocated between each parent to be with the children, and the best interest of the child.

Determining Factors for Custody Cases

Visitation and parental status of your children are determined by a family law court. The number one factor a court will take into account is “the best interest of the child.” They also take the following into account concerning the custody of your children:

  • Physical & Mental Health Of Parent
  • Financial Needs of Children
  • Children’s Wishes
  • Children’s Relationship with Members of Household
  • Evidence of Alcohol or Drugs Abuse
  • Children’s Healthcare / Well-being
  • Proximity Between Parents
  • Living Situation of Parent
  • Financials of Parent

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