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If you or a loved one has been accused of child neglect, our defense attorney can help you. It is important to speak with your attorney before speaking to social services, caseworkers or police. 

First it is important to understand the extent of the child neglect or child abuse you are being accused of. 

Child Neglect vs. Child Abuse

Child neglect and child abuse are two different criminal acts. Child neglect often results in placing a child in a dangerous or unhealthy environment or situations such as failure to provide food, clothing, shelter, or medical care.

Physical Neglect

This type of neglect occurs when a child’s circumstances can affect its physical needs. This includes things like food, shelter, and clothing. Other examples of physical deprivation can include leaving a child out in the elements (outside).

Medical Neglect

Medical neglect can be charged against you if your child is denied medical care to treat a condition or prevent an illness from becoming worse. Failing to secure medical attention for an injury or illness with the intent to cause death are also examples of medical neglect.

Supervisory Neglect

Supervisory neglect occurs when a parent, guardian, or caregiver (i.e. teacher, babysitter, nanny, etc) fails to supervise a child to prevent possible injury or harm. Examples of supervisory neglect can include leaving children around weapons unsupervised or a swimming pool.

Environmental Neglect

Environmental neglect is related to the surroundings of the child and their living circumstances. If a child’s living environment is filthy, for example, rotting food, rat droppings, cockroaches, and dirty clothes, you could be responsible for environment child neglect.

Educational Neglect

Educational neglect is presented when a child has not been given access to an education. This can include parents or guardians failing to register a child for school or studies.

Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect occurs when a child is deprived of building healthy, positive feelings due to a parents treatment to the child. Examples of this can include humiliating a child, rejecting a child, verbal abuse or bullying. Other varieties can include parents struggle to fulfill a child’s emotional needs due to depression or drug use.

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If you’ve been accused or charged with a child neglect offense, speak with one of our attorney to begin building your defense. Whether you committed the alleged crime or you were accused falsely, our Colorado defense attorney will fight for you.


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