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Child Support Laws

Child support is a financial amount that is court ordered to go from a non-custodial parent to a custodial parent. These finances are used to aid the upbringing and well being of your child(ren). Child support must be paid for the court ordered time span. There are cases where child support can be altered depending on financial income, the age of the child, and a request for modification.

Child support can legally end if the parental relationship between the child is terminated. For example, a step-mother or father adopts the child and takes over parental responsibility. Another way child support can legally end is if the child is considered an adult, which is 18 years or older.

Child Support Modifcation Laws

In some cases, if you are ordered to pay child support, you may be able to request a modification of the court order. A modification is a process of amending a decision that was issued by the court. This allows a parent to make adjustments to the amount they must pay for child support.

A parent or non-custodial parent can request a modification of child support if they are in need of an increase or decrease of the court ordered child support amount. All child support modifications must be granted by a judge to be legally valid.

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