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What is Dependency Law?

Dependency Law is a branch of family law legal services that govern how to protect a child that may be in abusive, neglectful or dangerous circumstances. This process means someone has filled a dependency and neglect petition against you because someone in the human services department believes that you are not taking care of your children safely or properly.

Reasons Why You Could be Reported:

  • Abusing a child
  • Not caring for the child properly
  • Someone else abusing the child and you do not prevent the abuse

What Happens if Reported for Dependency or Neglect?

Some things could happen if you are reported for abuse or neglect concerning a child. The court will assign you a person to look out for the best need of your children. They are called Guardian-Ad Litem or G.A.L for short. While the may be looking out for the child it may not mean that a G.A.L. is on your team. This person will want to supervise the children while they are in your care to assess the report. This person will determine if the children are safe in your care or if they should be moved to social services or foster care.

At Whitham Law Group, our sole focus will be working on having the charges reduced or best case scenario having them dismiss or avoid filing the petition at all. We Strongly advised you to contact us as soon as possible so we can set up the best strategy so you can keep your children in your custody. 

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