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In the state of Colorado, the terms “custody” and “visitation” are being phased out. Instead, courts are making the law proceedings known as parental responsibilities. 

Types of parental responsibilities include:

Decision-making – This includes medical and educational decisions.

Parenting Time – Depending on the circumstances, each parent will have equal or unequal visitation rights of their child(ren). If parents can not work together to agree on decision-making for the child a judge will award decision to one parent.

Visitation Laws

Parental responsibility laws include determining who a child lives with, who gets decision making of the child(ren), and what parenting time or visitation is allowed for parents and non-custodial parents (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc).

Parent Visitation Rights

A judge will assess which parent gets parental responsibility based on what is best for the child(ren). The court will take into account a child’s wishes, emotions towards each parent, financial stability, a parents neighborhood or living situation. Typically a judge in Colorado will order parents to have joint parental responsibility, meaning both parents share the responsibility of the child(ren)s major life decisions, such as health or education.

Non-Custodial Parent Rights

The state of Colorado recognizes non-custodial parents, such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles as having the right to visit with the child(ren), however, there are limits to the rights of non-custodial parents decisions in raising the children.

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