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Alimony in Colorado is called “spousal maintenance.” A judge may sentence a spouse to pay the other maintenance during the divorce proceedings. A judge will also decide long-term or short-term maintenance after divorce is finalized. Payments are typically biweekly or monthly for a specified length of time.

Colorado law also allows permanent alimony, although rare in such cases. “Permanent,” refers to spousal orders extending beyond the final the agreed end date. Typically the longer you were married, the longer you would pay. In most cases, the courts will decide to treat alimony as a rehab. Allowing the financial assistance time for the spouse to get to find a job and/or improve education. Permanent alimony is saved for spouses that have poop chances of employment due to age and bad health.

Requirements for Spousal Maintenance in Colorado

The judge that makes the rulings can then give maintenance to whatever amount for however long the court saw fit. If your annual gross income is $75,000 or less together. The court will then use a formula to determine if you are eligible for alimony. The court will also subtract any pre-existing child and spousal support payments.

Whitham Law Group are here to help you through the proceedings and make sure that you are doing everything right such as if we or you see something unfair in the formula. To do this, you must have excellent reasons for the waiver. The judge is free to reject and accept if it is unfair.

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